M E   I N   3 0   S E C S

 Creative.   Thinker.   Talker.   Listener.   Collaborator.   Leader.   Do’er.   Disruptor.   Nurturer.   Catalyst.   Patient.   Instinctive.   Decisive.   Efficient.   Thoughtful.   Committed.   Father.   Husband.   Footballer.   Cricketer.   Skier.   Leeds fan.

D I S C O V E R  M O R E 

Jeremy Darroch, now CEO at Sky (then CFO at Sky) once said to me that the best bit of advice he was given was – ‘it is not about being at the right place at the right time, but to be prepared for that moment, so that when the right opportunity presents itself you are ready to seize it with confidence!’

Over the last 17 years I have worked for 5 companies all of which have provided the foundations for the designer you see before you. All of those experiences, mentors, leaders, friends and enemies have inspired me, taught me and shaped me providing me clarity, focus and a determination to drive positive change.

For a more detailed breakdown of my career so far take a look here: linkedin. (if you haven’t already)

In the early years working as part of a European agency it exposed me to a collective mentality of support, collaboration, individual responsibility and initiative that you rarely get in UK agencies where egos and glory would be prime motivation.

Design for me has always been about designing for my clients and their stakeholders. Building relationships with them and inspiring them with creativity. So cultures that promote this I find liberating, empowering and I actively advocate and I have found that much more in the agencies that focus more on digital and experience design.

I don’t care if a solution is print or digital - I started working as a print designer for the first part of my career – working in reporting, crm, employee engagement before eventually jumping feet first into digital – building responsive websites and delivering campaigns across the majority of sectors we could possibly work in.

I embraced the world of UX and agile, became a scrum master and even build up and ran UXD teams when I was CD at Pancentric Digital and BIO.

As my evolution continues I have moved into service design where I apply design thinking principles to tasks and , experience design in brand where I have been heavily involved in digital innovation ideation.

With the ever changing behaviours of consumers and the convergence of physical and digital across customer experiences, the opportunity we have as designers, and creative problem solvers is mouthwatering. How will the explosion of technology growth and innovation act as a catalyst for communication change  and what path will this invite us to explore next?


Idea generation
Problem solving
Creative thinking
Digital innovation
Experience design
UI Design
Art direction
Agile scrum master
Responsive web design
Workshop facilitation